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headshots 15 minutes
demo/actor reel, 2 minutes taken from 1 hour of footage
full day shoot 1 cinematographer and 2 cameras 1080p HD

Wedding (edit only)
$300 - $1,000
Course (edit only)
$150 - $400
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These prices are guide lines, some adjustments will be necessary based on personal requirements, locations, rentals, additional equipment, number of days, turn around, size and type of crew. In general for wedding productions, costs would range from $1,000 - $8,000. For courses, cooking, lecture etc... $300 - $1000 (assuming around 1-5 hours of shooting and a quick edit)

Our equipment of choice is the Sony A7S, crane gimbals and carbon fibre monopods, allowing us to create hi-quality cost effective production. We record everything in 1080p (downsampled in-camera from 4k to 2k). We setup the camera to be able to record 12 stops of dynamic range giving us the most flexibility in post in setting mood and style of the video. We also use specialty lenses that produce sublime imagary, sharp corner to corner, top notch micro contrast feature and amazing color saturation. They are truly gems in the landscape of lenses.
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